»An uplifting and all-sensory experience«

»I had the honor of staying in one of the spaces designed by Kristine. Let me tell you, it was such a blessing! It was like entering a sanctuary and being embraced with love. The rooms held the utmost care in every detail. Beauty all around and there was this almost spirited connection between me and the ambiance of the rooms.

Kristine is a master at mixing design classics, elements from nature and unique, but affordable pieces turned into cool, eclectic, eye catching and / or just beautifully peaceful props. It all simply blends right into a soothing and uplifting all-sensory experience.


I warmly recommend working with Kristine! You will love how she’s got the ability to transform your inner and outer worlds, in a way you couldn’t even imagine.«

Transformational Life & Business Coach, Sverige

Lisa Clausén


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