»Stunning grace meets down to earth«

»Kristine is the ultimate designer! Her ability to create appropriate nourishing space on multiple mediums is outstanding.  She combines Danish style and hygge with her special storytelling magic.

It was a delight to be in Kristines physical space. Her ability to make everything sacred means her passion, love and intention produces amazing results with the most intricate and interesting stylish touches in wall hangings, furniture and ornaments that I could have never imagined putting together. Everything has a clean simplicity yet provides a subtle 'wow' and deeply profound feeling of calm, peace, joy and comfort. 


Kristine embodies stunning grace whilst also being groovy and down to earth. Full of integrity and alignment in her approach to all areas of her life. She is a wise, inspiring, worldly creative genius, beautiful inside and out, everything she touches is blessed and wonderful. To work with her is an experience that will enhance your life and any project you have the honour to work with her on.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!«

Coach & Happiness Ambassador, Australien

Deb King


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